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  • Shani Yeend, Boss Bird

Our Fit & Well Birds 6 Week Challenge #fitflock are flying!

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

As we roll into Week 5, it's time to share a little inside scoop into what we are seeing and learning on our very first FWB 6wk Challenge!

Let's go back to the very beginning...

We kicked off our 6 week journey with 20 super keen (albeit a little nervous) birds coming together for our Opening Workshop. Here's what went down....

In our 2.5hr Opening Workshop we covered:

  • Our goals & aspirations through conversation and journalling

  • Tested our push-up and plank strength

  • Took body fat measurements

  • Workshopped the formidable "Push-Up"

  • Broke our first sweat together perfecting technique and lolling all the while!

  • We're teated to a mindfulness & meditation session with the amazing Kerryn from Radiate & Illuminate

  • Feasted on bliss balls, sipped golden lattes and took home our fave Fit Birds totes!

Most importantly though, we connected as a group, some of us shared, we all listened and we got pumped for our 6 week journey to begin!

Fast forward to Week 5, as a trainer what have I noticed from this group?

  • They are looking AHHHHHMAZING! Yup for reals birds we are noticing their toned bods! Working out 4x a week for 30mins is working it's magic

  • They are making small sustainable changes to their daily nutrition using inspiration from our eBook, along with the help from our informative FREE Nutrition Workshop with the amazing Karine from Happy Living Nutrition

  • The travelling birds are working out in the hotel rooms using using their workouts from our eBook

  • The CHAT and support before and after class, giving each otehr lifts home after class, sharing post workout coffees at the cafe. This is my fave, creating connections and community! Otherwise, WTF is the point?

Wanna piece of the pie birds?

You're in luck! For those who missed out on the first round we are welcoming in 2020 with a bang! We will fly into our second Fit & Well Birds 6 Week Challenge January 13th 2020. We are also excited to welcome a #fitflock to Sutcliffe Park (our new nest!!!) led by our super trainer Charlie Summers so if you are around this neighbourhood and would like to give your 2020 a sweaty, strong start contact us to hear all the details.

We have limited space in this sweaty lil community so jump in now to claim your spot!

Shani x

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