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Next course starts May 30th 2024

We welcome pregnant birds to all our classes, this includes safely modifying exercises during class to ensure you are moving at the right pace to support your growing & changing body. We do however understand the anxieties which come up surrounding exercise while pregnant so we have formulated our prenatal intensive Bumpin' 5wk Course: An Empowered Pregnancy. This is extra special , just for you, your bump & other bumpin' birds. Each 90min workshop is designed to harness you with support, knowledge, movement and relaxation. Each workshop opens with connection with your community and closes with a relaxing guiding meditation.

Fitbirds collaborate with prenatal & postnatal specialists to bring you the most important information & support you need during your pregnancy & 4th trimester.


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Our intensive Bumpin' 5wk Course is held quarterly throughout the year. Our course content has been curated for you, no matter what trimester you are in. You will be provided with the foundations of how to move safely & effectively along your journey into birth. We guide you into your most vulnerable & powerful 4th trimester rehab ensuring you a harnessed with the most effective training to restore your core and shifting body. Bumpin' is much more than just a class, our course is here to bring your prenatal community together.  We open each workshop with time to share & connect with your Bumpin' birds, an opportunity to build your community.

The Workshops

Fitbirds founder Shani Yeend will be hosting 3 workshops: 
ic floor, strong mama & 4th trimester - all of which are here to serve you in giving yourself a strong body, an educated & intuitive mindset during your most precious ride yet. We will debunk common myths surrounding exercise in pregnancy & so you are able to join traditionally 'non-prenatal' classes or train independently with confidence. Each workshop will be split into two parts, the first conversation and learning & the second part movement.

Pelvic Floor

Here at Fitbirds, we adore your pelvic floor. Within this course we will teach you how to truly connect with your incredible pelvic floor musculature network. Using our Core Method  we use correct breathing to bring you into a calm, present space. We use breath work to physically strengthen & lengthen your pelvic floor muscles & your deep core. By tapping into your diaphragmatic breath we can help prepare your body for the physical, mental & emotional journey of pregnancy & birth. This workshop will discuss the pelvic floor anatomy, it's functions & help you to understand how to effectively strengthen & how to effective lengthen your pelvic floor muscles. We will also navigate a clear path into the safe & effective core exercises you need to be doing throughout your pregnancy.

Strong Mama
Strength training is our top priority through life, especially for women & especially during pregnancy. We move in safe & effective ways to strengthening your body for a strong, fit & pain-free pregnancy. Strength & resistance training will increase endurance for birthing & support a quicker recovery postnatal. We will educate you on why strength training is a non-negotiable & lay out the benefits. We will teach you modifications & variations so you can continue to exercise throughout your pregnancy without any worries of training incorrectly. Exercises include compound & functional strength exercises, LIIT (low impact intensity training) & Pilates techniques. 


The Fairy God Nurse

Vikki Warham, aka the Fairy God Nurse is quite simply magic. The Fairy God Nurse is a paediatric nurse, a lactation consultant, a tongue tie consultant & is a cranial sacral therapist (latter in training). During this workshop Vikki is here to harness you with powerful practical feeding support to guide you on those first precious months of your baby's arrival.

The Playful Doula

Jo Onley has been at the helm of 4 of our trainers births. The Playful Doula will host a workshop on retaining your power in your birth, owning your choices, trusting your intuition & the steps you can take to ensure you come away with a positive experience, however that may look. 

4th Trimester 

During these important few months you are giving every ounce of yourself to your baby. Navigating your way into mama hood during the 4th trimester is a beautiful intense ride. One which requires endurance, strength & compassion, both physically & emotionally. You will need to rest & recover from birth & allow your body to begin it's journey into rehabilitation. This workshop is here to provide you with 5 fundamental tools to connect back to your body, paving the way for a positive postnatal rehabilitation.

Suggested bird feed reading for you along your journey: Pregnancy: Regaining our Empowerment, An Empowered Birth Story - Meet Rocky, Katie's Baby Journey, Birthing in a Pandemic - A Positive Birth Story


Fitbirds signature class recommendations: We welcome our pregnant birds to attend any classes, although our top picks are Bendy, Booty, Band Camp to keep you feeling your best throughout your pregnancy. 

All workshops start at 7pm-8.30pm and will be held in Brown & Green LIFE, Crystal Palace Park

Thursday 30th May - Pelvic Floor 

Thursday 6th June - Strong Mama

Thursday 13th June - 4th Trimester

Thursday 20th June - The Playful Doula (date tbc)

Thursday 27th June - Fairy God Nurse (date tbc)

BYO mat, water, journal & pen

Investment for full 5wk Course £150

What's included?

3 x 90min weekly workshops with founder Shani Yeend
1 x 90min workshop with The Playful Doula

1 x 90min workshop with The Fairy God Nurse

a Members Club subscription giving you unlimited Fitbirds classes throughout the 5 weeks
A comprehensive Bumpin' ebook which includes the content of the course

Whats App group to build you community with your Bumpin' birds

Ongoing support from your Fitbirds trainers & community

We understand you may not be able to make all 5 sessions so we have a single workshop purchase option (£30/session).
If you have any questions please reach
out here.

Our trusted & aligned prenatal & postnatal specialists are here to support you birds. The following businesses are part of our collective - a flock of trusted & tried businesses.
We highly recommend the following businesses:

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