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We welcome pregnant birds to all our classes. We are here to empower you along your pregnancy journey & post birth. This includes safely modifying exercises during class to ensure you are moving at the right pace to support your growing & changing body. We do however hold a prenatal class Bumpin' which is extra special , just for you & bump.

Bumpin' is a movement & mindfulness class designed to empower you along your pregnancy.

You will leave feeling strong, energised & connected with your baby.



Each class is 75mins & includes 3 elements:



Breath Work


We put a strong focus on breath work & teach you our Core Method. We use correct breathing to bring you into a calm, present space. We use our breath to physically connect with your pelvic floor muscles & your deep core. By using different breath techniques we prepare your body for the physical, mental & emotional journey of pregnancy & birth. 




We move in safe & effective ways to strengthening & open your body for a strong, fit & pain-free pregnancy. We will teach you modifications & variations so you can continue to exercise throughout your pregnancy without any worries of training incorrectly. Movements include compound & functional strength exercises, Pilates techniques & deep relaxing yoga poses. 




Class always concludes with a deeply relaxing stretch & guided meditation. Time to be present with you & your beautiful growing baby.


You will come away feeling supported within your Fitbirds community & empowered with the knowledge to continue movement & mindfulness throughout your pregnancy & beyond.



BYO mat & water  (soft Pilates ball/cushion used for those at home).


We welcome our pregnant birds to attend any of classes. We recommend Bendy, Booty, Band Camp as key classes to keep you feeling you best throughout you pregnancy. 

Thursday 7pm Friends Meeting House & LIVESTREAM

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