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WellFly has been curated with your teams at its heart. Fitbirds are bringing all things fitness & wellness into your organization.

WellFly will provide a space for your teams to put their physical, mental & emotional health first. 

Because healthy & supported teams = happy, productive & connected teams.


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Benefits of WellFly in your organisation

  •  directly invest in your teams wellbeing

  • boost engagement within your teams with bespoke fitness & wellness events, challenges & workshops.

  • healthier employees lead to a happier organisation

  • reduce your teams individual expenses by offering a fitness & wellness package

  • manage your WellFly teams engagement & attendance through monthly reports

What's in the WellFly nest?

  • 12 month partnerships, thereafter option for renewal

  • expert trainers & teachers in the fitness & wellness industry

  • full access to our in person park classes

  • full access to our online fitness & wellness programmes

  • quarterly fitness & wellness events curated for your teams in your organisation, including themes of: mindfulness & meditation for mental clarity, building your community, female health physio led talks, breath work for stress management, yoga, our signature Fitbirds classes & workshops.

  • weekly yoga & signature Fitbirds fitness classes in your organisation

  • scope to curate a private retreat within the UK, Morocco or Portugal


Our WellFly workplace packages are individually valued dependent on your organisations needs & wants.

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