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1:1 PT

£65 60min session
Purchased in pack of 5 £325

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£200 for whole package

One off upfront payment


2:1 PT

£40pp 60min session

Purchased in pack of 5 £200pp

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£20-£30 60min session depending on size of flock
Purchased in pack of 5 £100-£150


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£45 60min session
Purchased in pack of 5 £225


Our goal is to tailor training to suit your life, your body & your goals.

Our experienced & qualified Personal Trainers are here to support you. We are here to guide you towards understanding how to move your body safely & effectively, we will educate you along the way.

We are here to physically, mentally & emotionally lift you up birds, we support all women from all walks of life. Being physically strong, fit & mobile gives us self confidence & empowerment to live out our lives to the fullest. 

More & more often personal training is used as a tool to implement regular fitness & a balanced wellness into their lives. Whatever your reasons for taking up PT, we are here for you.

Personal Training

Our sessions are 60mins, held either in the comfort of your home or at a local park.

We are based in SE London & can travel to you. We welcome sessions with your baby too & are always here for cuddles when needed so you can focus on your training.

We will incorporate strength, mobility, yoga, HIIT, Pilates methods. You can expect to be boxing, skipping, swinging a kettle bell, learning meditation techniques or learning to stand on your head. We are here to help you build skeletal muscle, to improve your mobility, to support you are we move through hormone shifts.

Your first session will begin with a goal & wellness consultation with your trainer. Together with your trainer you will go into depth of the barriers which may prevent you from reaching your goals. You will complete goal appropriate strength, fitness, flexibility & breath-work challenges. This is a session aimed to support you in planning your fitness & wellness goals.


Personalised Programmes

Are for the birds who need support in developing a bespoke training programme, but do not necessarily need the motivation in 'doing the workouts'. This is a great option to get 'goal specific' training programmes which you can then do either at home or in a gym.

This package includes:

  • in-depth pre-screening to outline you, your body & your goals

  • a 90min 1:1 Personal Training session, this is to provide the trainer with a comprehensive understanding of how your body moves including postural analysis, mobility limitations & technique. This session is also designed to provide you with confidence in training to maximise positive output

  • 4 personalised training programmes with progressions to take you to 6 months of training


Mini Flock Personal Training

Sessions are 60mins, held either in the comfort of your home or at a local park.

Mini Flock PT is designed for a few friends who would like to train together, we all know the power of training in a group, training with friends brings fun & motivation into each session which vibrates into the rest of you life! Mini Flock PT has all the perks & support, but with a friendlier price tag. You gather the flock, we'll do the rest.

Package details:

Pricing: groups of 3 £30pp, group of 4 £25pp, group of 5 £20pp

  • in-depth pre-screening to outline you, your body & your goals

  • 60min PT sessions tailored to suit your goals, expect playful partner challenges, circuit training & HIIT methods

  • a What's App group to offer on-going support, to share weekly homework 

To begin your PT journey with us drop us an email with you preferred PT package, outlining your goals, your availability & location to train. We can then align you with the best trainer for your needs. We look forward to connecting & supporting you.


Note: We welcome your bubs to PT & we also PT the boys.

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