Wanna move with us? Here's where!

Mayow Park middle of the park on the grass. Winter training spot: On the paving near the bowling green. Wet weather - Mayow Park has limited shelter for rain, we take cover under a tree if it's drizzling. Car parking on Mayow Road.

Crystal Palace Park the grass near B&G Life cafe. Wet weather/winter training spot: Under the bridge/Sports Ground overpass (up the main path by the Thicket rd entrance). Car parking in Thicket Rd carpark.

BYO yoga mat & water to all classes, we'll bring the sweet tunes & good vibes!

Suggested equipment to BYO - loop resistance bands & a Pilates Ball.

"Shani is a brilliant PT! She's full of energy, she mixes things up and she gets you great results. Fit Birds' classes are lots of fun, you get a great workout with other friendly mums and the super Instructors are always on hand to cuddle any grizzly babes! Highly recommended."


Debbie L

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