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NEXT START DATE: October 30th - December 11th 2023

This challenge is here for you birds.
This is your 6 weeks to prioritise your fitness & wellness.

6 weeks of connecting with yourself & your community. We set the foundations for you to work on yourself, your whole fitness & wellness. 

What's in the nest?

Unlimited classes at all locations
Unlimited use to our Fly Online library
A Nutritional Therapy plan curated by Lauren Goodwin Nutrition specific for women in hormone balancing, nutrient & mineral balancing.

Ongoing support from your Fitbirds community

Opening & Closing Workshops - these are memorable events which are curated to provide you with motivation & support, to connect with your flock, establish goals, strength & fitness testing.

Weekly fitness & wellness specialist workshops

What are the benefits?

Expand your wings to a balanced & mindful approach to fitness & wellness

Connect with your fitness & wellness community

Feel mentally & emotionally regulated

Reduced body fat

Increased strength, lean muscle mass, increase bone density

Sleep better, feel better

Become educated on mindfulness, fitness & nutrition from specialist Lauren Goodwin Nutrition 

Create new wellness habits & hobbies

Find a more valuable connection with your relationships

Become physically & mentally more focused, aligned & present

How much?

FREE for our Members Club or £199 for non-members

Payment Plans available. Any existing 10 Classpasses will be put on hold while you are on the FWBC.


The Workshops
Opening Workshop - Friday 3rd November 7pm-10.30pm Friends Meeting House
Life Coaching with Grounded Coaching - Thursday 9th November 8.15pm-9.15pm Friends Meeting House

The Core Method - Thursday 16th 9.30am-10.30am Friends Meeting House
Fly - an inversions experience - Saturday 25th 11.30-12.30pm Brown & Green LIFE, Crystal Palace Park

Strong Birds (strength training) - Thursday 30th November 8.15pm-9.15pm Friends Meeting House

Closing Workshop - Friday December 8th 7pm-10.30pm


"This 6wk challenge was a brilliant opportunity to focus on myself and what made me feel good. I loved moving daily and noticed myself getting stronger day by day. The group was wonderfully supportive and friendly. I'm so glad I decided to do it!"

Liz S

"Fitbirds have created something really magical, I feel so lucky to have taken part. Supportive, fun, challenging, inspiring & full of warmth, laughter & high energy antics. I loved it! Totally changed my mindset about health & fitness".

A happy bird


To confirm your spot in the fit flock please email with confirming you preferred payment option.

If you are already in our Members Club, get scheduling the workshops via your Momence account to get your diary organised. If you choose to pay the non-members rate your spot is only confirmed when payment is made.

2019-10-09 12.04.39 1.jpg



Unlimited classes at any location for 30 days. Unlimited Fly Online. 10% off all Fitbirds workshops & events.

20% off our merch. FREE Fit & Well Birds 6wk Challenge. Plus CLUB PERKS.

Cancel or pause at anytime.

Purchase now, activates on first class use.




6 weeks of unlimited classes.

6 weeks of unlimited Fly Online.

Includes all workshops 
within the Fit & Well Birds Challenge.

Includes Nutritional Therapy meal plan by Lauren Goodwin Nutrition

Purchase now, activates on October 30th

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