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Do you feel physically strong? Do you feel your body has full mobility? Are you consciously building muscle?

Fitbirds is all about support women to feel strong, from within & out. As woman we should be able to enjoy feeling physically strong. We should be able trust our body's ability to run, jump, lift & play.

Like anything, we need to work
at it.

We need to understand
how to build muscle birds. We need to know to effectively
 build strength. And why more than ever, as women we need to build muscle, and to build muscle now.

In this 60min workshop we will cover:

Why we need to build strength
How we can effectively build strength
How to improve mobilit


Free for Fit & Well Birds or £13 for all other birds

10% off for Members Club birds.

BYO yourself, water & a yoga mat. We welcome ALL birds

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