Our trainers are postnatally trained to ensure you move safely and effectively on your journey back to full strength post birth. We are here to check for any diastasis recti (abdominal separation) to ensure we get you strong from the inside out. We will honour your pelvic floor and teach you the correct tools so you can regain the deep connection and awareness your pelvic floor deserves.

New mama birds please make sure you are 6 weeks postnatal and have had your clearance to exercise, most importantly though - be intuitive - do you FEEL ready? We are ready for you when you are, we love the mini bubs as well at the toddling bubs.

We welcome & encourage new mama birds & your bubs to ALL of our classes excluding Box & Badass. These classes are advanced, so when you feel stronger & rehabilitated post birth then it's time to up your game!



Whether you move with us for PT or classes, we will be sure to show your bub a good time as well as getting your endorphins flowing!