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Fitbirds was founded by Shani Yeend in 2014 in a pocket of South East London. Shani grew up on Waiheke Island, New Zealand, her childhood was spent running around barefoot, climbing the cliffs along the beach, searching rock pools and climbing loquat trees. 

"I would ride my bike to school around the esplande, a dirt road which wraps around the coastline. On the way back I would climb this loquat tree and sit up there scoffing my face full of fruit with friends, coming home for dinner just before dark".

Shani grew up surrounded by fitness and wellness, specifically for women. Shani's mum being the quintessential 80's aerobics instructor, eventually building and owning a women's fitness studio. "I would be dragged to class at the local hall when mum would teach. Mum would teach with a full face of make-up, full perm, donning the classic 80's g-string leotard and leg warmers. Without realising it, I was witness to women supporting women from as long as I can remember".

Shani qualified as a fitness trainer at 19 year old and this year (2024) she will celebrate 40 years around the sun. Shani has worked in female and corporate gym environments in New Zealand, Australia and London. However Shani believes training in nature, with our feet on the grass is where the real transformation is held.

 "I remember our swimming lesson was to run from school down to the beach. We would jump off the wharf, swim out to a boat, swim back and run back to school".

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