We welcome you with our wings wide open, we can't wait to meet & move with you all.

 Here at Fitbirds we like to work hard & fly higher! Our classes are designed to challenge you physically & mentally. Some classes are more advanced than others, check out what classes are gunna be your vibe.


We welcome new baby mamas to our flock. Please ensure you have had your 6wk GP clearance to exercise & you are aware of any diastasis recti. We can highly recommend our friend & female specialist physio Sarah Parker for a full female health check at anytime during your postnatal recovery. We will also check your core for any separation - ask us to check for you at the start of class.


BYO yoga mat & water to all classes. Some of our classes use resistance bands, a small Pilates ball &

core sliding discs. We encourage you to invest & BYO to class. Please do not panic though if you do not have your own as we can provide.


We fly in the beautiful parks in South East London, Mayow Park & Crystal Palace Park.


Pilates Ball | Prenatal Safe


Our Bumpin' birds are empowered, connected & strong. This classes combines yoga, Pilates & strength techniques. We will offer you & your bump time to connect & provide you with the tools to keep fit, strong & happy in the journey towards your birth. Suitable for all trimesters. Expect a full circle of breath work, movement, stretch & meditation.


Pilates Ball | Postnatal Safe

The Pilates method is designed to align your posture, to activate your deepest muscles & to stabilise your body. Pilates is the perfect addition to your fitness schedule to ensure an injury-free & happy body


Resistance Bands | Postnatal Safe

This class burns! A full body HIIT session that will get you sweaty, strong & happy!


Pilates Balls | Postnatal Safe

Time to embody your 5yr old ballet self. This class takes the original barre & shakes it up. Expect Pilates, pulses, plies & a serious burn!


Strength Bodyweight | Advanced

This class will challenge you to move your body in new ways, expect to channel your inner warrior birds. Expect dancey vibes & animal flow for a sweat dripping & empowering class!


Shadow Boxing (until COVID-19 restrictions eased) | Advanced

Our sweatiest & most empowering class! Time to get any BS owwt birds, a combination of shadow boxing & HIIT.


Pilates Ball | Postnatal Safe


This class is designed to rehabilitate your deep core & your pelvic floor in your recovery from birth using Pilates & correct breath work. We will iron out those pesky postnatal muscular kinks with yoga. We will lift your energy with low-impact cardio. Bubs will soak up the good vibes from our music while watching you move with the trees above. Important note: Rehab is for any bird who needs extra care & rehabilitation to their pelvic floor & diastatis recti - not just fresh mamas.


Accessible Yoga | Postnatal Safe

Bendy Birds is for all birds. Come to get bendy & we promise you will also learn something new about yourself along the way. Influences from Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga & Yin.


Pilates Balls & Sliding Discs | Postnatal Safe

Want abs & a strong core? Need postnatal rehab? We gotchu birds. This uplifting class combines Pilates for core & cardio for the sweat!


Resistance Bands | Postnatal Safe

Say goodbye to lazy glutes & hello to sweet peaches! This class combines sweaty cardio with booty lifting strength & Pilates exercises.


Shadow Boxing (until COVID-19 restrictions eased) | Advanced

It's Box Birds but on your lunch break to brighten your day birds, so say 'see ya' to 3.30itis! Expect surprises too, cos what lunchbox doesn't have little surprises!


Power Flow Yoga | Postnatal Safe

This practice is creative & strong based on Vinyasa & Ashtanga teachings. We will breath deeply & let that shit go completely. Expect playful inversions & long savasana's.