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A brunch menu to share with others

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

We practiced yoga under the most beautiful stained glass window, led by me while the incredibly talented musicIan Meg Ella played the cello to our favorite Maribou State.

Mamas & birds moved & breathed with intention set while babies made sweet sounds & drifted off to the vibrations.

We followed up this glorious practice with a brunch of champions. This beautiful healthy & vegan feast for 26 was singlehandedly whipped up by our wing bird Charlie Summers. We salute you Charlie & are salivating just thinking about the next one…

Our brunch menu was so nourishing & inspiring we thought it’d be rude not to share. We won’t claim the recipes but we will claim all the recipes are on point & the menu was sah good! Get into it birds.

Don’t forget the Greek yoghurt & fresh chilli with the dal - a must!

Thank you to all the wonderful souls who flocked together to make this event so dreamy. We will be dropping another Bendy Cello & Brunch date a-sap. Watch this space.

Shani 💋


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