Updated: Jan 7

I've made this before and I'll make it again and again, and again! Only a few ingredients, made in seconds - chocolate that tastes amazing and it basically GOOD for you!


1 cup of cacao butter

1 cup of cacao powder

2 tablespoons of maple syrup


6 drops of Do Terra Wild Orange essential oil

a handful of chopped almonds (or mixed nuts, dried fruit)


Bring a large pan with a little water to the boil. Carefully melt the cacao butter & coconut oil in a pot over the water. Bring off the heat and add sifting cacao powder, stir in maple syrup. Optional to add essential oil. Pour into silicone moulds. Option to add copped nuts. Put in fridge to set.

It's that simple birds! Enjoy. Happy Easter Birds! Shani x


"Shani is a brilliant PT! She's full of energy, she mixes things up and she gets you great results. Fit Birds' classes are lots of fun, you get a great workout with other friendly mums and the super Instructors are always on hand to cuddle any grizzly babes! Highly recommended."


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