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  • Shani Yeend, Boss Bird

Chia Pudding is back (time to nip my sugar addiction in the bud!)

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Hey Birds,

For those who know me - I'm all about the savoury, I'll choose fries with all the sauce over a sweet fix any day. That was until I fell pregnant! I'm 24 weeks deep and am OBSESSED with sugar. The daily cake and Bounty Bars have slipped in a permanent slot (morning or mid afternoon) and then Ben & Jerry's to finish the day. In the beginning I was loving the guilt free indulgence.... Though over the past 2 weeks I've been feeling shiiiiiiiiit - headaches, lethargic and bad skin. So maybe this is all just pregnancy stuff or maybe the sugar is bringing me down birds? So as I roll in to Day 4, needless to say this is draaaaaging. Everywhere I go I see cake, last night reached new levels - I even DREAMT about the cake!! (WTF, for those interested - in my dream I ate the cake).

So here's to going cold turkey until I can kick the habby - no more refined sugar. FYI I'm still eating loads of fruit and using (a little) honey or maple syrup on my porridge or pancakes.... Mmm think I want pancakes this week (see! Total addict!)

Wish me luck birds!

Shani x

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