I got 19 exercises and prancercise 'aint 1!

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Here's your hottest exercises of 2019 birds, can you get all 19 exercises done within 19mins though?? Get your timer set and your stop watch ready!

Don't forget to warm and stretch obvs. Sadly Prancercise doesn't make the cut - what were we event thinking though?

1. 1min plank

2. 20 squat jumps

3. 30sec push-ups

4. 40sec bicycle crunches

5. 50 mountain climbers

6. 60sec lunges

7. 7 donkey kick ups

8. 8 tuck jumps

9. 90sec plank

10. 10 glute bridges

11. 11 tricep dips

12. 12 (each leg) single leg jumps

13. 13 push-ups with side plank

14. 14 (each side) clams

15. 15 spiderman plank

16. 16 russian taps dancers

18. 18 ab toe reaches

19. 19 ab v ups

Happy NY birds and boys alike, thanks for another sweet year of sweaty lols! x

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"Shani is a brilliant PT! She's full of energy, she mixes things up and she gets you great results. Fitbirds' classes are lots of fun, you get a great workout with other friendly mums and the super Instructors are always on hand to cuddle any grizzly babes! Highly recommended."


Debbie L