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  • Shani Yeend, Boss Bird

The results are in!

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

We couldn't be more proud of our very first #fitflock, congrats to the 20 amazing birds flew in to play harder for our Fit & Well Birds 6wk Challenge!

Sooooooo what's all the rage about??

We all feel better! And on average - we lost .5kg/week, 5cm around our waist/hips and we all doubled our push-up and plank strength! #abbbsolutelyamazing We made friends, realised new neighbours, shared intimate moments, helped lift one another up and push on harder! Because life is easier and way more fun when you got yo #fitflock. Using golden nuggets of inspo from the Bootycamp eBook we re-addressed our eating habits. Portion sizes, unnecessary refined carb loading & shifting old habits. Local organic trader Honestly Grown has been a win from many of us too. Use code #fitbirds and receive 10% discount for all Fit Birds and they'll also 'bump up' your first order on a £10 to a £15! Exciting! Shop local, organic and plastic free birds!

We are gunna wrap up our first FWBC for you, in a 2019 send off kinda way... Our TOP 9 moments in chronological order for our 2019 #fitflock

1. Coming together for our Opening Workshop! (I have no abs)

2. I can enjoy pancakes on the nutrition plan

3. I wasn't made for this - body and mind feeling exhausted from constantly working out!

4. I hate burpees

5. Friday night in with Moules Frites from the nutrition plan and wine = win!

6. Is this how you do a "squat thrust"

7. Week 5 on Bootycamp eBook is a nightmare

8. I feel amazing!

9. OMG I fit into my vintage ksubi jeans!!!!!

What a ride, I can't wait to come together again for more amazing results and sweaty lols! Our next challenge drops January 13th birds - just around the corner. Are you in?

Shani x

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