NEXT START DATE: September 12th - October 24th

This challenge is here for you birds.

This is your 6 weeks to prioritise your fitness & wellness.

What's in the nest?

  • Unlimited Fitbirds classes at all our parks & indoor nest.

  • The 6 Week Bootycamp Plan eBook inclusive of: 6 weekly home bodyweight workouts, an ABS blaster & 50 Core Countdown workout. A 7 day meal plan complete with shopping list & recipes formulated & approved by Nutritionist Laetitia Sannac. Along with our guidelines to being a fit & well bird!

  • Closed Facebook group for all your fitness & nutrition tips & tricks along

  • Ongoing support from your Fitbirds community

  • A memorable Opening & Closing Workshop - to connect with your tribe, establish goals & explore fitness & wellness together (Sunday 12th September 9am-12pm & Monday 25th October 7pm-10pm)

  • A Closing Challenge - 10km run/walk in Crystal Palace Park (Sunday 24th October)
    Weekly challenges & workshops from specialists in the the fitness & wellness industry

What are the benefits?

  • Tools & tricks to maintain a balanced & mindful approach to fitness & wellness

  • Connecting with your fave fitness & wellness community

  • Reduced body fat

  • Increased strength & muscle tone

  • Sleep better

  • Feel better

  • Becoming educated on mindfulness, fitness & nutrition from specialists

  • Creating achievable health habits

  • Becoming a happier & more aligned bird!

Who is it for?
For YOU! More specifically the our FWBC is for London birds who attend Fitbirds classes or those wishing to make a grand re/entrance! If you are looking to get stronger, leaner, bendier & happier this is for you! This challenge is not about weightloss (silver lining though) & is far more about your journey to learning how to incorporate a healthy balance of fitness & wellness into your crazy cool lives.

Please note: Super new mama birds, make sure you have your 6wk postnatal GP clearance & have been cleared of diastase recti separation before jumping in.

How much?


Any existing classpasses will be put on hold while you are on the FWBC.

What if I have holidays planned during the 6wks?

To get the best we ask you to commit to the full 6 weeks Though we understand life can get crazy, that's why we provide you with your very own 6 Week Bootycamp Plan so you can take your workouts with you & stay on top while on work trips or holidays.


Great peaches & a strong core don't happen overnight BUTT they will happen in 6 weeks if you put the effort in. So spread your wings & see what happens when you put a little booty, sweat & tears into it - we promise they'll be tears of laughter!

There is limited space in our  #fwbchallenge

so take flight birds!

"This 6wk challenge was a brilliant opportunity to focus on myself and what made me feel good. I loved moving daily and noticed myself getting stronger day by day. The group was wonderfully supportive and friendly. I'm so glad I decided to do it!"

Liz S

"Fitbirds have created something really magical, I feel so lucky to have taken part. Supportive, fun, challenging, inspiring & full of warmth, laughter & high energy antics. I loved it! Totally changed my mindset about health & fitness".

A mystery happy bird