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I have been on a mission of recent days, to make sugar free desserts. Some turning out medium-acceptable but most were a proper fail of epic proportions - erm, cauliflour & cashew cheesecake? WTF? So I cut out all the B.S and bring you a three, yes T H R E E ingredient, actually delicious and sweet tasting dessert. OK, so it's only chocolate mousse - but it's totally guilt free and is so fluffy and creamy! There is literally NO sugar and is dairy free - winning! Yes it has some fat (and they're mostly saturated fats) but we can do all with a little bit of fat for fuel - and you will only need a little portion because of it's richness. I N G R E D I E N T S - serves 4 (or two mega servings in my case!) 1 x carton/tin full fat coconut cream 2 x Tbsp cacao (or cocoa) powder 1 x Tbsp of Agave (or maple syrup, honey - it's only 1 Tbsp so a little bit of sugar is totes legit) And. That. Is. All. Put ingredients in a bowl, whisk/whiz it up, put into your serving pots and refridgerate for at least 2hrs. Garnish with anything you like... Berries, coconut, almonds. The nutritional breakdown? You're looking at a TOTAL of 540cal / 46gm fat / and almost traceless sugar. Divide that by how ever many people are scoffing and voila! You're onto a ridiculously easy, hassle free and GUILT free dessert that will atually win over those dinner guests, (unlike my cauliflour cheesecake).

Shani x

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