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GUILT FREE treats time! These little balls are pumped full of only good stuff - no naughty refined sugar. The sweetness lies in the dates... you can drop the dates and use honey or Stevia to sweeten too. Here's the d-lo of those super-foods... Chia seeds ('chia' meaning 'strength') was used by the ancient Aztecs and was prized for it's sustainable energy - you don't think they made those pyramids without any assistance do you? Their antioxidant properties fight the bad free radicals, the carbohydrate make-up is mostly all fibre - and we love fibre! Despite their tiny size, chia seeds are among the most nutritious foods on the planet! Maca powder is a root plant originating in Peru. The Mayan's traded it like gold and it was used only by royalty for its energy enhancing properties, increasing male potency and improving good hormone functions. It has since been proved to increase libido (and fertility) all round, reduce stress and stimulate and regulate the good hormones! Ingredients: (FYI I'm terrible at measuring, just play around with the measurements, use ingredients that suit you, mix it up and get creative!) 2 Tbs cacao powder 1/2 cup nuts (I used almonds) 1 tsp Maca powder 1 Tbs chia gel (2 tsp chia seeds added to 1Tps water) 2-3 Tbs dessicated coconut 2-3 Tbp milk/cream/coconut cream 3-4 dates Blitz all the ingredients in a whiz, then roll into little balls of goodness, coat in either coconut, nuts or cacao. Refridgerate and enjoy... Mmmmmm, cure for 3.30-itis. Shani x

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