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Portugal Retreat: life in the slow lane.

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

After 3 long years we were finally back in our retreat nest. Together with 17 retreat birds, 3 hosts, a husband & two babies we flocked together in Portuguese paradise.

Our Opening Ceremony saw me in tears - 2.5hrs years of Covid, growing 2 babies & being held by Fitbirds throughout all this l, it's a lot to process. Overflowing gratitude for the moment we had all arrived in, supported by my wing bird, soul sister & bestie to my babies, Charlie. It was our first retreat co-hosting. I was nervous & unbeknownst to me, so was she. I was blown away to have a full nest of birds flying away to rest, play & connect.

The 4 days that followed were slowed right down. Our first morning meditation felt like days prior as we sat down for dinner together.

Our retreat schedules are full, it's amazing how much enjoyment & nourishment one can pack into a day when given the opportunity.

It's impossible to really share the magic that unfolds during retreat life, but here's what I noticed unfolding...

Proper conversations shared. Never any small talk, the narrative was intelligent, inspiring & meaningful. Or it was honest & brave. It was lighthearted & giggly. Birds were really listening, there were no distractions in sight.

Space was being carved out. Space to rest, to breath or to be still. Solo walks into the mountains, books were being read. Siestas & journalling. Space to daydream, to process our experiences, to cry, to hold someone. When in real life do we have this space?

Moulds were being reshaped, bad habits were being challenged & put to rest. Fresh ideas & a positive chain reactions in motion.

17 women were quite literally being cared for. Feet up, getting all the sleep, not cooking, not cleaning. Doing all the things that nourished their body, mind & soul. Waking up in paradise, being in nature, being outside all-day-long. Moving their bodies in different ways for no less than 5hrs a day!

These women spend their lives caring & doing everything for everyone. It was literally such a blessing to see them getting everything they deserve. And whats more, they naturally & organically were still there there for me, for Charlie, Jemma, Josh, Minnie & Rocky. Our 17 retreat birds when stripped of their responsibilities, duties, titles & stresses were beaming light & love. Retreat life with our birds is goals.

Thank you to everyone who made our retreat such a rewarding & joyous adventure!

Wanna retreat with us, we are flying back to this glorious location July 12-16, 2023. We would love to share the magic with you birds. More info


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