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Get to know your birds: Shani Yeend

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

We like to think of ourselves as a friendly flock & want to keep it that way. Here we treat you to a few chirps from our original bird, Shani Yeend.

Where did you grow up?

I’m a kiwi kid. I grew up on an Waiheke Island, a population of around 7,000. A glorious 30mins ferry ride from Auckland. My childhood was spent running around barefoot, climbing cliffs at the beach, climbing trees for loquats, jumping of the wharf & swimming out to boats for swimming lessons at school. Our little rock is loaded with wineries & fish n chip shops. It’s paradise birds.

We’re you sporty spice in school?

Yes & no! I was always nauturally sporty & athletic (I was always picked to be on your team birds, I was small but I was quick!) I had bad asthma as a kidlet so endurance sport out of the question, 100m sprints & long jump were mine though! I loved swimming & played hockey. Sadly when my hormones set in, I started hanging out with the cool kids & my interests switched from sports to boys. #idiot #stayinsportkids

What do you love most about being in the fitness/wellness industry?

For me there are 2 massive highlights. First - working with women to create a more empowered version of themselves is everything! Second is completely selfish - if I’m in the fitness & wellness industry it is far easier to live a balanced & healthy lifestyle myself!

Why did you choose the fitness industry?

As a kid, my mama was the quintessential 80’s aerobics instructor! Perm, g banger leotard, leg warmers & full face of makeup! I remember her counting beats when she was writing her class plans (think grapevine & step class). My incredible mama was an 18yr old single babe when I popped out & I remember being dragged along to all her classes after school, I guess eventually it rubbed off! Now we watch as beautiful history repeats itself & our little Minnie is dragged along to our Fit Bird classes!

What’s your fave exercise?

Knee drivers. This sneaky little move looks easy but is s u c h a booty burner! Done correctly it’s also great for knee stability & balance!

Your fave healthy go-to snack.

I tend not to snack... but if I’m desperate for something quick & healthy I’ve been known to eat a tin of tuna, mixed with Japanese mayo & sriracha - straight up! #weirdbuttrue

What does a normal week of movement look like for you?

ATM i am on mat leave & am spoilt with Fit Birds classes, I am obsessed with Bad Ass Birds, tuning into my inner warrior & dance bird is so freeing! Box Birds for the cardiovascular - I’m out of breath for the full hour, it feels amazing to work my heart & lungs again since post pregnancy. I have a weekly PT sesh with our bird Katie (which btw I’m never giving up PT, I can’t believe I didn’t get a PT years ago!) My yoga practice has taken a back seat since Minnie though I am working on flowing for 30mins with Minnie when we wake up for thing - easier said than done tho! Currently I’m a walking zombie to get coffee then scrolling through my phone to wake myself up. “A day in the life of a sleep deprived mama bird” is for another blog post!

What’s your biggest vice?

Coffee & wine. Obsessed with both currently 🆘

What will we never see Shani do?

Eat pineapple on pizza.

Netflix craze?

Oldies but goodies: The Last Dance with Michael Jordan (what a human!) & Heal. Recently tho - The Queen’s Gambit, Beth is incredibly mesmerizing!


Photography! I’m happiest when traveling, with a backpack off the beaten track behind a lens.

Fave place you’ve travelled to?

An impossible question to name just one. But India, time and time again I could travel, explore & lose myself in its beautiful mess.

Top recommendation for activewear?

Lululemon Align leggings feel like a second skin & don’t cut into the tummy. Ultimate legging in my opinion!

Shani is currently taking the 'behind the scenes' workload while she enjoys as much QT with her 8 month old peach, Minnie. Currently though - they are desperately digging their way out of what seems like 'an impossible feat' of sleep deprivation). But when this passes (everything is fleeting remember birds) you can catch her for a few special appearances, teaching 3 classes on the current timetable.


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