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Katie Vetch, Fitbirds Fly to Bearsted

Updated: Apr 13

My name is Katie Vetch, a specialist in female fitness training and wellness and mama to 2 year old Amelie. In 2023 my husband and I decided to leave the hustle and bustle of London to bring our daughter up in the Kent countryside, returning to where I was born and raised.

My Fitbirds journey began in 2019 after the musical theatre industry closed its doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I’ve been lucky enough to perform in musical theatre shows across the UK and around the world. Whilst performing I was also training clients online 1:1. Fitness has always been a part of my life and I have always treated my body like I’m athlete. Fitbirds opened up a whole new world of fitness for me. 

I remember my first class. I witnessed women cheering each other on during an challenging workout and then staying to chat under the blue hues and sunny skies. All the while their children were either joining in with the exercise or babbling on their backs kicking their little arms and legs joyfully enjoying the sweet outdoors.

The last few years brought me to the decision to shift my career to fully committing to the fitness industry. I become a mother for the first time and my goals become much clearer. My goal is to help as many women as I can to feel strong and in tune with their bodies.

Come rain or shine Fitbirds move in all weather. The kids love it and I promise you, you’ll feel liberated too. 

In 2023 I became a mum to my little cherub Amélie. Amelie has completely changed my world but exercise has remained my constant. It clears the fog and revitalises my body. Motherhood is beautiful but can also be a tough road, community and movement can help make that little bit easier. Movement really is one of life’s necessities and what better way to do it than with like minded women empowering one another.

Fitbirds isn’t just for mothers but for all women, any fitness level, any age and through all of our incredible stages in life. 

Fitbirds is not just a class, it’s a community of women who flock together and lift each other up through the good times and tough times. Supporting women is my passion and I would love to support you and guide you. 

Bearsted we fly spring 2024, I cannot wait to connect, see you on the mat.

Katie x


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