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About the founder, Shani Yeend

Hey birds, it’s been a minute.

I’m Shani, founder of Fitbirds. I am kiwi who grew up on Waiheke Island, running around barefoot, climbing rocks and trees and swimming in the ocean was my childhood. I became a qualified fitness trainer when I was 20 and here I am rolling into my 40th year around the sun. Jeepers.

I am a wife to Josh and mother to Rocky (2) and Minnie (4). Motherhood is hands down the greatest privilege, everything else really is just background noise.

As I write this we are flying into our 10th year in business and it’s probably this first year I’ve taken our business seriously. Fitbirds found its wings organically, the community established itself very naturally. Without consciously knowing, I’d found an extended family, a sea of sisters had risen up around me. Community was suddenly everything. 

I created a business, become a wife and a mother with you all by my side. I know the woman I am today is down to my experiences with you all. The out pouring of wisdom, kindness, vulnerability, generosity, skill swapping and teachings are endless and I love you all for it.

March 2020 I gave birth to Minnie, my first daughter two days before the first lockdown (lockdown birth story here). Charlie held the nest and I stepped back. 11 months later I was pregnant again with Rocky and Charlie continued to hold the nest like an absolute badass. 4yrs later I find myself finally stepping back in. What a trip it’s been and what an honour to have had 4 years growing Minnie & Rocky as my main priority. Creating a life where my work and family is seamlessly integrated is everything to me.

In 2021 Charlie and I became official wing birds. Charlie, co-owner & co-director of Fitbirds is not only my partner in business, but we became quick besties as did our families. We love nothing more than moving, tanning, eating, dancing and traveling together.

I’m obsessed with training women. Restoring a women’s physical and mental wellbeing through movement has the power to change lives. I love empowering women to become physically strong and to feel rather than think. I love to share tools to drop women into their parasympathetic nervous system, teaching women to chill-the-ef-out.

This week Rocky begins his kindy career and soon Minnie will be full blown school kid.  A transition for my babies and also for me. As I write this I have just dropped both kidlets off to kindy. I strolled here without a nappy, change of clothes or snack in sight. I've perched at the amazing Leo's cafe where I have a whole 4 hours to work. Mind blown

I’m feeling into these shifts, also feeling an intense heaviness, but choosing to ride these waves. We're on together birds as a collective, right now big things are happening birds, not to mention this current full moon in Scorpio. My mind blows when we are reminded of these universal shifts, that we are just molecules bouncing around in space.

My feet back on the ground, I am beyond stoked to be a Fitbird. Our signature classes are fire, our retreats are transformational and our ethos and our community are such a vibe. 

Shani x


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