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Our strongest Fit & Well Birds yet!

Another successful round for our #fitlfock! Congrats to our latest gaggle who pushed, challenged & sought after a better more balanced life.

Our Closing Workshop was little a little bit of magic, we treated our birds to a 60min restorative yoga & meditation session accompanied by Cecilia & her magical harp. Needless to say, those sweet ‘letting go’ tears were flowing.

TOP FLYING BIRD MOMENTS (Little quotes & outcomes from real life birds)

1. A killer 4mins plank from Strong Sophie!

2. Finding their core & glutes again after "giving up never being able to do core exercises post 2 kids"

3. Smashing out perfect form full pushups for the ‘first time ever’

4. Seeing ABS for the first time EVER!

5. Finding a love for fitness with their new fave fitness tribe


Your 6wks is complete but incase you haven’t noticed this is just the beginning of keep your shit together! I mean obviously the wobbles will still come throughout the year - but you are now armored with the correct tools, knowledge & intuition to get yourself back to your centre.

Here’s a little way to keep you out of that low hibernation cave...

C is for Consistency: Keep up your 4x training a week! Maybe one week that is all cardio/HIIT, maybe the following it’s meditation & yoga. But KEEP your 4x a week of dedication to fitness & wellness for YOU birds.

A is for Accessibility: Make sure your chosen way to keep moving is accessible birds. It needs to be within reach of your work place or home. It needs to fit in with your family life. If you don’t have ‘time’ to exercise then is running a marathon really achievable? If your fave teacher teaches on a Sunday on the other side of London are realistically ever going to get there?

V is for Variation: Keep your muscles guessing & your mind happy - choose 2-3 different ways to move your body! If you do any one thing on repeat you’ll lose interest as will your body meaning you’ll plateau and stop seeing results.

E is for Enjoyment: Duh birds, make sure your 4 chosen workouts are things you like!! Don’t force yourself to run if you hate it. Although remember: the thing you hate is generally the thing you need most: eg if you hate running but love yoga. Choosing to only yoga is not going to get you fit or lose body fat. Boxing will though!!


“Yes 100%! This is the strongest I have ever been in my life! I have never had abs I could see, didn’t think it was possible at 39 with 3 kids”

" Totally killed it with more room to grow!"

"Yes, feel much more positive to fitness & healthy living

ANY HIGHS BIRDS? "Yes, losing 7lb and centimetres from all over my body, beating my strength tests, meeting new birds & having fun"

"Opening & Closing Workshops, very spesh"

"Getting strong with my girls!"

"My first 3min plank ever!" "Support from the birds"


"Week 4 on the Bootcamp Plan is harrrrrrd"

"Realising how hard I find mediation & slowing down"

"Sickness getting me down"


“Shani makes you feel like you can do anything, her consistent positive attitude is a total motivation. I'd given up on being able to do core 6yrs post c-section, but in 6wks not only have I re-discovered my core but my glutes but also my love of challenging myself!"

"The FWB Challenge gave me the structure and form I needed to make the change. I wanted to get strong and I did that, but I also loved it! I've made changes to me lifestyle and I'm happier, fitter, stronger & more grounded. I loved the variety - yoga & sweat! Shani you have a gift, you change lives!"

So I repeat, you are all LEGENDS! Keep on this incredible path you have started to journey along... Let's keep on pushing and challenging ourselves. Let's continue to support and grow with each other. And let's continue to tune inwards... nothing quite like a little soul searching through fitness and wellness right birds? Next FWB Challenge to be dropped in May!

Shani x


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