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Keen to get better at life? Here's how

It's easy to feel like the 'to do' lists never go away or we're always behind. Perhaps it's the fun, new hobbies which we don't prioritise enough? Have you considered why it is we always seem to 'fall off the wagon' when it comes to our fitness & wellness? How much of a drag is it having to start again time and time again? We feel ya vibes. So we got connected with Life Coach, Janine Green for a speech workshop on how we can sort our shit out and stay sorted out! The evening was fun, practical and applicable to all areas in our life - here's the inside scoop though birds; we gotta get organised, we gotta get realistic and we gotta put the work in! Here's a follow up on what we covered in our workshop so you too can get your shit together for once and for all!

"Thank-you so much to everyone who attended our Life Coaching & Mindfulness Workshop last week. I really hope you were able to take away something new to think about / develop, or a different perspective and understanding of yourself.

There’s a few things I’d like to share with you as a follow up:

This article talks about how looking at what we have done and achieved can be much more empowering than ticking items off a never ending to-do list. It nicely articulates what we talked about when looking at the Growth Mindset and our daily/weekly wins.

I mentioned the “How To Fail’ podcast. I reckon the whole series is worth a listen, but my particular favourites are: Eniola Aluko and Jess Phillips:

As mentioned, I am offering 15% discount on all of my 1:1 services for Fit Birds. Please get in touch if you’d like a chat (no obligations! I’ll even buy you a coffee J ). The prices on my site don’t include the Mental Toughness Psychometrics (mainly because I haven’t quite, er, gotten round to updating my site yet), but full price for the test, report & 1 hour coaching session is £90.

Thank you again for coming, it was so lovely to see you all there. Please do get in touch if you have any further questions!"

Janine x

We salute you Janine! Now to get cracking on my "shared schedule & monthly to'do/goals" I'm going to reel in the support of my husband in order for me to get my shit done!


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