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Our Top Tips to surviving the festive season!

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

It's December birds & we are about to enter into the madness Christmas seems to bring - overbooking social events & planning extravagant family celebrations, we’re frazzled just thinking about it! 🤯

More often than not this season can lead to unnecessary stress/anxiety, poor health with continuous over-indulgences with booze & food not to mention being a broke arse bird.

Here at Fitbirds we believe in the simply, slow vibes of Xmas. We appreciate the beauty in hibernating in these chilli, dark days with friends & fam, an opportunity to turn off our screens & get creative. Cook, craft, be silly & connect birds!

Here are our Top Tips in surviving & thriving this silly season birds...

1. Keep your exercise/movement prioritised

I know it's tough, but schedule in your sweat sessions at the beginning of the week around your existing social events. If you've run outta time to get to a class, slip in a 20min home workout or yoga stretch session. Fitbirds are sharing 25 Days of Fitmas; your fitness & wellness advent calendar on our Instagram stories, get your daily dose of self care in - on us!

2. Invite your date to a wholesome Xmas event

There are loads of festive events which speak to the health & wellness birds. Here are two we are going to:

Forage & Wreath with Fitbirds & Unruly Flowers: A FREE event Saturday 18th December 11.30am-1.30pm Crystal Palace Park. Walk & spread spread Xmas cheer together in our beautiful nest while we forage, then we will snuggle together at B&G to make our wreaths while swigging mulled wine!

Quiet Club with Just Breathe: December 13th 18.30-20.30 Mortimer House. We love this mindful meditation community! Join their final QC of 2021 for an evening of mindful conversation & meditation. All proceeds to Crisis UK.

3. Make a massive batch of Kitchari now

Because it freezes and will be your sweet saviour for ANY meal when you have nudda time or are feeling like you need a cleanse & support for your gut health.

4. Give the gift of time or get gifts upcycled.

Over consumerism ain't cool for the environment or your purse! Offer to look after your besties kids, plan dates to the countryside or the seaside. You'll all win! OR drop a message on our trusty Facebook community groups to see if anyone is ready to part with their old toys. Minnie‘s first Xmas is sorted now thanks to the generous birds offering their old toys onwards. This is how the world should go round!

5. Get making mindful cocktails with La Maison Wellness

Cami Vidal our our yoga wife & the incredible force behind La Maison Wellness. Wow your guests with her insanely beautiful, actually good-for-you Xmas cocktails, Cami is sharing a mindful cocktail recipe on her Instagram each day till Xmas, get mindfully sipping birds!

Happy fit & well festivities birds! X

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