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Charlie Summers is the newest super Bird trainer to join our flock and is spreading her wings in & around Greenwich with classes held in the beautiful Oxleas Woods. Charlie's classes will energise you, lift your spirits and your peaches!

What kind of Bird are you?

I'm a little ball of energy bird!

Did you have a nickname growing up? When I was a kid, my nickname was Twiglet because I had knobbly knees.

What do you love the most about being a fitness trainer?

My biggest thrill is watching someone grow and achieve something they never thought was possible. I truly believe exercise is the best antidepressant out there and best drug you’ll ever take.

Mindfulness is a massive buzz word ATM, what does Mindfulness mean to you? Mindfulness is being more aware of all the senses, feeling in tune with yourself others and the environment around you. Mindfulness is something I am trying to tap into more and more as I grow in my career, social life and love life.



Something I’m always reminding myself and my clients to do yet something that we do involuntarily, all our lives. Taking a conscious breath, visualising the breath and how it works can really calm your mind down. Focus on trying to make your inhales as long as your exhales, close your eyes and listen to your breath.


Us modern day birds are the queens of multitasking. Eating lunch whilst scrolling Insta or creating a mental note of our to do list whilst settling down to sleep. Set aside some time in your day to focus solely on one task. Eat in peace; you’ll appreciate your food more.


Take some time out of your busy schedule to really listen. Listen to what your body needs, ask yourself how you’re feeling today, If you’re sleepy - rest, if you’re stressed - practise yoga or meditate. If you’re feeling energetic - try spin, embrace the jelly legs!


It’s so easy to scroll through your social feeds and be met with smiley faces and perfect bodies. So as great as all these social platforms are, be aware that what someone may post on Instagram may not be their full time reality. We all have down days, we just don’t tend to broadcast them over the internet. We’re all on our own journeys so be proud of yours and own it, whilst supporting and respecting others.


Fad diets are a waste of time, don’t buy into them. Find a balanced diet that suits your lifestyle and works for YOU, whether that’s quick convenient or food that takes all day to cook. Let your plate be all the colours of the rainbow, the more colour the better!


Get yourself out in the fresh air as much as possible-take walks or runs, bike rides or swims or just basque in the glorious sunshine… if you’re a sun worshipper like moi. Cleaner air, free, and vitamin D – win win win!


Find a hobby that you love to do (“cough FIT BIRDS cough”) something that’s for you. Take time out of your busy schedule to enjoy it and get really really good at it. Research it and invest in it.


Write down your thoughts, feelings, emotions or just anything that pops up. It may make no sense whatsoever but it’s something to reflect and look back on. That will provide valuable perspective.


When you’re in someone’s company be present, be responsive and be observant. Too often we hear what someone is saying but we aren’t really fully present, often we are too busy thinking of a response or distracted with other things, mentally or physically.


Let your mind wander, create stories in your head and see them play out in front of your eyes. Create visions and colours. Mindfulness isn’t about stopping your thoughts altogether-it’s about noticing them.

As we dive into summer, longer evenings and the return of our long lost friend Vitamin D to give us all a bit of a boost. But taking some time out, even just to consider what our bodies and minds need to make us happy, is a sure fire way of leaving us feeling more balanced and altogether happier, all year round.

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live” Jim Rohn

Over and out Birds, see you in the woods!" Charlie x

Charlie is starting up Fit Birds classes in Oxleas Woods on July 1st, yeow!!! Charlie is ready to roll now with PT too, holla if you are ready & keen to fly with Charlie here.

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