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  • Shani VDB


Looking around on a rare commuter-vile trip it’s impossible to ignore the repetitive silhouettes of humans with hunched shoulders & a stooped neck as they gaze at their phones. We got sh⚡️💥t to do right? We get it. There’s a wealth of information on our little pocket computers - rewind (to just the other day) to being kids playing Lemmings & Finding Carmen Santiago on a MASSIVE square computer after school. Fast forward a measly few years, now we have access to it ALL, and crave it ALL, like ALL the time. 🤯

We all know that blue light messes with our heads. Our attention span is minimal, most of us find it a struggle to focus and read a novel. Our communication skills are dwindling. We’re obsessed with social media. Our calendars are booked months in advanced (BTW WTF?) & we are living in a throw-away society where we can consume & empty our bank accounts with a tap of a thumb. 🤨

So, why is that visual of the sea of humans on phones so discomforting to us? Take away the phone for moment: The physical hunched posture is completely unapproachable for a start as it gives off the body language of “sad, closed & uninviting”. We then have the emotional impact it has on ourselves & our loved ones hanging out in this position - basically being glum, right? And shall we talk about that neck tension or that little hunchback creeping in?

So how can we be sure we continue to evolve within this is crazy cool technology world? Birds, we gotta find space & get creative! Everything we need, we already have within us and around us. Hip hip hooray! 🥳

#1 Create a daily morning meditation Don’t over think this birds. Create an inviting space (think blankets, candles, incense) & make yourself comfortable. There are so many different methods to meditate, at the end of the day though - sitting, breathing, observing your thoughts & sensations is meditating. There is no such thing as a bad meditation birds! Helpful apps for a little nudge: Just Breathe, Third Eye, Insight Timer & Headspace.

#2 Keep your phone out of the bedroom AND out of the living room Ground breaking stuff this, get an alarm clock (a Lumie clock has been a revelation FYI). Notice how you can get actual conversation in with your loved ones or how you may even read a few pages in bed to help you calm your mind.

#3 Smile at strangers With your head held high & heart shining! Because duh, smiling makes the world a better place, go on - make someone’s day!

#4 Don’t make plans for every day of every week Allow yourself time to do nothing or to speak to no one. Allow space for spontaneous afternoons & dates to pop in to your life. This is your life birds, allow time for you and the things you want.

#5 Set an intention A positive affirmation & a purpose for your day, week or month - write this down birds! Keep it in your wallet or on your mirror. Remind yourself daily of your intention, your purpose & your focus. You can bring this into your daily meditation practice too!

Shani x

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