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If you're like me, you may have only just officially accepted it's 2017. More to the point, it's taken me all of January to get my sh** together and feel ready to get right into 2017. So January was a right off, recovering from all things fun during the festive season but now we are ready for you 2017! How do we ensure we have clicked the on switch to make 2017 a healthy, fit and fun year? Here are my 5 top tips to sorting your sh** out!

1. CLEANSE YOUR PAD That's right, Spring clean your space in Summer or Winter. Cull all the things you do not absolutely love or haven't worn in absolutely forever. Make sure everything has a place and a purpose. Physical clutter of stuff will mentally clutter your mind. Get. Rid. Of. Your. Sh**. 2. DITCH THE DUDS I'd like to think that there are only amazing, uplifting and energy-giving people in this world... but just in case there are one or two that may not offer you something in return (whether that be positive energy, brain-inso, creative-juices, fitness mojo or maybe a kitten), just do a casual 'awkward turtle' away and gently turn that light off. 3. FIND NEW INSPIRING SPACES & PLACES One of the ways I got my mojo back in terms of getting my booty exercising again (yes, the struggle is real for me too) was to find a new space. The four walls of my place and the (amazing) yet frequently visited parks had become mundane so I hit the gym - I know, not the usual place for inspiring oneself but in this case, it totally worked! Whether you need to find a new work space, workout place, new watering hole or new dance floor - a change of scenery might just give you the boost you need.

4. BOOK A HOLIDAY AY-SAP! Because life is short and we are here to create memories and experiences. Making new adventures with friends and family in new places is refreshing, inspiring and rewarding. DO IT! (Just an FYI - I'm off to Berlin and Bali soon, hell yes!!!)

5. BECOME A FIT BIRDS OR BRO For obvious reasons.

Peace out

Shani x

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