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the core method

Does your core need rehab? Does your pelvic floor need some tlc? Is your core weak? Do you suffer from back or hip pain?

Our Core Method is successfully rehabilitating, healing & strengthening hundreds of women. If you've been to our classes you'll be no stranger to the cues 'lift & wrap' 'engage your pelvic floor & corset your ribcage'.

Our Core Method is here to serve you birds. To truly come to grips with what are talking about, join founder Shani Yeend for an intensive 60min workshop. We'll be getting hands on, connecting with our breath & redefining the way you connect with your core.


Anatomy of your pelvic floor, core & diaphragm
Pelvic floor connection (engaging & releasing)
Breath work techniques

Learn the 3 steps of the Core Method
Practical: exercises & functional movements


Free for Fit & Well Birds or £13 for all other birds

10% off for Members Club birds.

BYO yourself, water & a yoga mat. We welcome ALL birds

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