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Interested in becoming a trainer bird?


Fitbirds are always looking to wrap our wings around new female fitness & wellness specialists.

Are you a certified PT, fitness instructor, pre-postnatal specialis
t, boxing trainer or yoga teacher?

Do you live for the outdoors? Do you love connecting with women & love to learn with & from women? Do you love working in an environment which nourishes further training & supports a happy work/fam/life balance?

Here at Fitbirds we love to support local female trainers & teachers in reaching their goals within their professional & personal life. We like to celebrate together on dancer floors & love to throw a party!

Obvious perks of being in our flock are unlimited classes, free workshops & events & continued up-training.

Once you are in the flock we ask you to attend our classes so you can soak up the vibes in the nest & see first hand how we connect & train our birds. We then support you through training sessions to ensure you feel confident training & teaching.

If you'd like to be a part of our flock drop us an email with your cv.


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