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How Fitbirds will save your 2021

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Yup, we realise this is a big call, but we are ready to claim it & here's how.

We're all a little broken, some more than others. Our bodies are physically broken from WFH in less than ideal situations, from being hunched over homeschooling your kids & simply from stress showing up physically in the body. It's no secret our physio's are rammed with clients misaligned 'lockdown bodies'. Mentally we've been stretched to the limits, both from being over-loaded with work/family/pandemic worries & also from the daily mundane bla of day to day life. Zoom, park, supermarket, eat. Repeat. SOS.

Emotionally, don't ever go there. Crying happy/sad/confused tears is standard. The rollercoaster of emotions from day to day is far from balanced! We are on our way out of this madness birds, the vaccine roll out is proving to be a success, schools have finally reopened - the sweet hum of kids playing in the school yard was life-giving as was the picture of teenagers in uniforms milling on the usually empty high streets. There is though, still an element of uncertainty filling us. Like we aren't really ready to believe it's all over yet.

If you've attended a Fitbirds class you'll already know it's not simply a sweat & dash situation. A Fitbirds class is social fixture in your diary with new & existing friends. It is a hub of activity & stimulation for your bub. It's getting out of the house for a breath of fresh air to be surrounded by positive women. It's a little party with bangin' tunes. Fitbirds classes will teach you something new about your body & challenge it in ways you never thought possible. Yes you could fly in & fly out in 45min if you gotta dash back for a work meeting or slip your little one down for a nap. But the true experience of a Fitbirds class is taking your time to soak up all the vibes. Fitbirds classes will get you in the great physical shape! Our classes will safely & effectively recover you postnatally. Our classes will aid injury rehabilitation. Our classes are the perfect cross-training addition to your running or swimming. BUT what is more important than ever before birds, is our mental health. Our classes will lift your spirits, clear the fog & give you a purpose.

We fly back into our parks Monday 29th March in Mayow & Crystal Palace Park in South East London. We are launching on this date with two new classes specially for our pre & postnatal birds. Bumpin' & Rehab classes will be at Mayow Park, Tuesday 6.30pm & Monday 11.30am respectively.

Help us spread the word birds. Our community needs to reach those who need it most. If you know of someone who could do with the support our Fitbirds classes send them our way. Whats more - if they have experienced financial difficulties due to the pandemic, reach out to us & we will do our best to put our wings around them. We are here for you birds.

Fitbirds to save 2021 right, believe me now? x Timetable here, till then we continue to fly on Zoom.


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