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Fit Birds training is centred around calisthenics - or more commonly known, bodyweight training. Calisthenics has been around for forever, mostly it is thought to as 'super ripped men throwing themselves upside down", although that's just the extremity - and that's because they're pulling up 30kg more that us girls! Bodyweight training has many pros and not so many cons, 5 reasons why calisthenics!

It don't cost a thang Yip, all you need is your body and space as small as your living room floor or as big as your park next door. Forget gym memberships and fancy pieces of equipment, your body is the only tool you'll need! Get strong, lean & flexible Bodyweight training comes in all different forms - plyometrics, the jumping high intensity stuff, isometrics, the not moving stuff (think plank), movements like yoga/Pilates (yoga asanas) and cardiovascular movements like walking, running and jumping jacks. When one brings together this combination of movement we will inevitably get stronger, leaner and more flexible! Progression every time You'll never get bored and your body will never plateau. If you're a beginner with push-ups - you'll begin on your knees, then eventuate to your toes. Then you throw in an array of advanced & progressive moves, like a single arm push-up (whaaat) or just ramp it up to a burpee with a push-up included. This way you are constantly adding more resistance/load to your training meaning you will keep building new muscle fibres... Mmmm we like to be toned. Super efficient - get in and out

Getting to and from the gym or classes can be time consuming, as can faffing around with weight machines and their settings. Bodyweight training programmes are usually based around HIIT therefore reducing your usual workout from 1hr to 20mins! Yes please!

Reduces joint and muscle pain & injury prevention Bodyweight training is all about functional fitness - a term that basically refers to movements in which the human body is built to perform - bending, pulling, pushing, twisting, stepping etc. These movements help lubricate the joints and strengthen your tendons and muscles surrounding them - thus keeping your body in tip-top shape. A lot of aches and pains are just stiff/weak muscles and joints that need to be moved. So, get moving kids!

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