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Get to know your birds: Kate Selwood

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Let's get to know our newest bird member Kate Selwood, another brunette pocket-rocket to our nest!

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in North London, yep I’m an actual Londoner. People often seem surprised when I say that as I guess we’re a rare breed.

We’re you sporty spice in school?

My twin sister and I were like little monkeys as toddlers apparently, always climbing on things and hanging upside down so our mum sent us to Tumble Tots when we were 3 and we continued onto gymnastics which we took quite seriously, training 3 times a week plus all the competitions. I had a pretty serious elbow injury at gym when I was 12 and strangely my sis broke her arm the following year so that was the end of gymnastics for us as we both had the fear. We started dance when we were 15 and the rest was history as we both went on to work professionally as dancers.

So in answer to the original question, dance and movement yes, sport no.

My father and brother were professional cricketers and my dad was a P.E teacher but my sis and I had zero interest in any sport. When we travelled around the country going to cricket matches as kids we spent most of the time making up dance routines or doing cartwheels around the cricket pitch!

What do you love most about being in the fitness/wellness industry?

As an industry there are so many career paths so you don’t have to stick to one path.

I’m currently transitioning out of my corporate gym management path and into a more practical and creative path. I love that my experience from both sides supports the other.

Oh and people, meeting people, genuine interaction with people whilst in our happy place is by far the best part about the fitness game.

Why did you choose the fitness industry?

After working as a dancer on cruise ships for over 7 years, I had to pick a career for land life, which was scary at the age of 27. I decided to do a PT course, as I was passionate about fixing my wonky injured Dancers body and putting it back into balance. I had no idea about the industry and was shocked at first to discover that it was another competitive world where you have to really want it to succeed, a bit like being a dancer. I realised I did really want it so I kept going and so glad I did. What keeps me passionate is that I love that movement is such a powerful way to deal with our emotions- something I took for granted having been an active kid. It’s so rewarding to know that I’m helping others to discover this for themselves. The benefits of being active are vast and often unique.

What’s your fave exercise?

That really depends on my mood but I think I’d have to say a burpee. I know you might think I’m mad but knock out a few of those bad boys and you feel like a machine boss bird that can literally do anything!

Your fave healthy go-to snack.

Again depends on my mood but this one usually scratches the itch- wholemeal pitta bread, hummus tomatoes, cucumber and lemon juice. Or is that more like a meal? Whoops!

What does a normal week of movement look like for you?

I tend to switch my routine up quite a lot. I like to check out what’s happening in the industry so I jump around to different boutique studios, PT, gyms, Cross-Fit Box’s, bootcamps and yoga studios. Well at least I did before 2020 happened. :( But now I’m embracing training outside. I run to my PT clients, do yoga at home and I am now loving joining in with Fit Birds classes!

What’s your biggest vice?

Chocolate. No hesitation. Followed by wine.

What will we never see Kate do?

Let you do a move incorrectly without correcting form. ;)

Netflix craze?

Just finished Ozark. I want to go there- the scenery!


Walking is my favourite thing ever. I’ve never learned to drive but I actually love being a pedestrian as walking is my thinking time. Walks in nature are obviously better than walking to Lewisham DLR in the morning but I’ll take what I can get!

Fave place you’ve travelled to?

A beautiful Island in the South Pacific called Isle of Pines- stunning!

Top recommendation for activewear?

Lululemon “All the right places” leggings. Can’t justify those prices and Fabletics have some competitors but I usually ask my family to all chip in and get me a LuLu voucher for Crimbo- that way you avoid the post purchase guilt!

Based on this, we love you already Kate! You can fly with Kate at our newest dancey vibes class Move It on Monday's 7am & Thursday's 7.45pm Core Birds at Church. Full timetable here.


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