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Quiche is a bit like eggs (besides the fact that it IS eggs). It's totally versatile, you can basically put anything you want in! And you can definitely eat it at any time of the day. You could even omit the pastry which is kinder to our bloated stomachs and waistlines, but then it becomes a quiche that's more like a frittata or omelette. This recipe calls for puff pastry, but as always don't entirely listen to me - get creative and give your tummy what it wants, and if it doesn't want white carbs (which 'sad-face' the pastry is) just leave it out, it'll still be amaze! It's a vegetarian winner that is perfect prepared and cooked ahead of guests if you're hosting.


1x roll of pre-rolled puff pastry (I've tried making pastry in the past, I just don't get enough satisfaction from doing so for the output required)

Roast the sweet potato (or butternut squash, pumpkin).... Put the herbs and oil on, whack in oven at 180degree roast for 20mins or until soft though and golden.

2x sweet potatoes - sliced into 1cm finger lengths (or randomly diced)

a handful of fresh thyme

a handful of fresh rosemary

2 Tbsp olive oil

To make the caramelised onions... slowly soften the sliced onions with oil, then add other ingredients. Simmer for 15mins to caramelise.

3x red onions finely sliced

1x Tbsp olive oil

1x Tbsp balsamic vinegar

1x Tbsp brown sugar

a pinch of salt and pepper

For the filling... add the following ingredients and whisk together

4x eggs

1/2 pot of creme fraiche (or greek yoghurt, or almond milk, cows milk)

1/4 cup (a small handful) of crumbled blue cheese

Grease a circle pie tin with butter and line with the pastry pressing it gently to shape the tin. Pre-bake on 180degree for 10-15mins or until starts to turn golden. Weigh down with either baking beans OR I weigh it down with an oven-proof pot that will fit inside the pie tin - just make sure you put a sheet of greaseproof paper between the pastry and the pot otherwise it will stick (disaster). Remove from oven and pour your pre-whisked pie filling into the pie tin then evenly pour the caramelised onions, followed by the sweet potatoes. Put back in the oven for about 20mins of until a skewer comes out clean. Gently pop out from tin - easier done when cooled, then feast on quiche! You can literally eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner! WIN.

Shani x

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