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I'm sure like myself - you are sick to death of news, (#fakenews eyeball roll), mostly because it's all so depressing. There IS some good news out there of course, but mostly we are hit the with shit.

Let's get together for an hour of bootcamp Sweat for Syria. So in a bid to feel like we are involved in helping to make the world a happier place - other than our daily sweat, which makes us better humans of course - we are going to dedicate a Sunday sweat session to helping others in need. EVERYONE is invited - Fit Birds, bros and bubs. Bring your neighbours, husband, friends and family. The more the merrier!

Book now through MINDBODY

£10pp ALL proceeds to go Prism The Gift Fund - aka. Help Refugees UK. If you wish to contribute but are unable to make bootcamp, please click here for more info of how you can help. More questions still - contact Fit Birds

When - Sunday 9th April at 9am-10am Where - Crystal Palace Park What - Bootcamp incorporating yoga, HIIT and Pilates methods.

Shani x

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