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Exercising should be a daily priority in our lives. End of story. Daily things we smash out: We eat religiously, we work like dogs, we sit on the sofa, we sit on the way to work, we sleep (gah I love to sleep!), we brush our teeth. So why do we find it so challenging to prioritise exercise, it should come naturally to us - just like sleeping and eating. We all know the benefits of exercising and we all know how amazing we feel when we have regular exercise in our lives... But still, I am constantly told excuse after excuse by my clients, "but I just don't have the time". Bulls*%^, make the time! Get up earlier, get off the sofa, stay up later, don't see that friend, don't work as late. Prioritise. Rant over, here are some ways to help you implement regular exercise into your wonderful lives, it'll make them even more wonderful I promise! 1. Mix it up Boredom is the one of the first reasons for people to give up exercise. Be creative and adventurous in the ways you train - try a new class at the gym, swim, run, play a sport, go jump on a sea of giant trampolines (they exist).

2. Get an exercise buddy

Training with a friend is the best, it ensures you get out the door and turn up (turning up is pretty much the hardest part) as you know someone else is relying on you! It also makes it fun and adds an element of competition too... Just save the gossiping for the brunch date after your workout!

3. Plan each week of exercise ahead

Just like preparing for meals and food shopping to ensure your diet is on point, an element of planning ahead for your exercise regime needs to come into play. Pre book in for your classes and schedule in your runs and other fitness engagements into your weekly calendar - that way you've either pre-paid (can't waste that money honey!) and you know you've got to workout on Wednesday evening before going out for hump-day drinks.

4. Decide when is the best time for YOU to train

Most would argue that mornings are the best time to exercise - kick start your metabolism, wake your muscles up and get it over and done with so one can't procrastinate it away. But if like myself, hitting the snooze button is an all too familiar action. So know yourself from past experiences, when is the best time for you to train? When you know this, then get that diary out and start planning in those workouts!

5. Choose sweet tunes to workout too

If you are a runner, a gym junkie or smash out home HIIT workouts - make sure you are popping those squats or pounding the pavement to your new fave tune. Madonna, seriously every time.

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