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If you aren't already - it's time to get rolling peeps! Foam rolling is the closet thing to a physio massage - and you only have to gather spare change to have it at your fingers tips permanently! Foam rolling is already used widely amongst athletes to ensure peak performance and now it's time for everyone to get obsessed. Benefits of rolling: - increased blood circulation - increased flexibility - fat blasting - core strengthening - postural correction - relaxtion & stress relief Foam rolling gets right into the thin layer of soft-tissue called the fascia. The fascia is thin layer of connective tissue that ecases your body under your skin and wraps around all of your muscles, joints and organs. This fascia is responsible for a healthy, calm, toned and lean body - BUT with daily life stresses, lack of movement, flexibilty and poor posture this fascial tissue becomes stuck, thick and knotted, resulting in our bodies feeling run-down, heavy and stiff. So get your foam roller ordered on Amazon ASAP and follow here for a foam rolling routine. Time to de-stress, blast cellulite and lighten our bodies and minds! Shani x

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