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Your pelvic floor: Harness the power

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Hey Birds,

After sharing our Adore Your Pelvic Floor workshop for the second time I feel obliged to share a little of our learnings with you. Fitbirds Fitness & Sarah Parker Physio are on a mission to spread knowledge & power on all things pelvic floor!

This workshop & knowledge goes deep birds, it's impossible to cover all things fanny-fastic in just one workshop or one blog so instead I'm gunna hit you with our 10 most fascinating & powerful tool you can have to ensure you are all over your pelvic floor prowess!

1. Did you know your mighty pelvic floor muscles stretch like a trampoline from the tailbone (coccyx) to the pubic bone (front to back) and from one sitting bone to the other sitting bone (side to side). So just take a moment to realise the impact your PF muscles could have on the rest of your body with connections & attachments like that?

The answer is A LOT - physical & emosh stress. Physical pain & tension in your hips, back & even shoulders!

2. Did you know that women can get hard ons too? OK so not isolated to our PF, but our clitoris DOES swell when we are aroused! Speaking of being aroused, did you know that sex is a perfect PF stimulant to engage the PF?

3. BREATH LIKE A BABY BIRDS! Here we go again, tweeting on about how important correct breath work is. But seriously birds, breath deep into your belly, into your diaphragm just like a baby! Your PF will function naturally and at optimum with correct breathing, so everybody now "hands onto your belly, inhale deeply feeling your belly and ribcage rise like a balloon inflating, exhale slowly & completely letting your belly hollow out like a balloon deflating" PRACTICE every goddam day.

4. Feeling totes emosh? Your over-active PF could be to blame! Yessir, your incredible PF muscles find themselves connected to our biggest most powerful nerve, the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is responsible for sending messages from the base of the spine (think digestion, diaphragm & pelvic organs to our brain). Thereus - our PF is a part of this web of messages. How to release? Simply "inhale deeply through the nose, open your mouth & let out a big fat sigh, ahhhhhhh" Visualise your belly expanding, diaphragm lowering and lengthening your PF on the inhale. Repeat as many times until you physically feel more chilled.

5. THE HIPS DON'T LIE! Shakira knows. Because of the attachment & positioning of your PF muscles, the PF has the ability to stir up a whole lot of issues throughout the bod, in particular to our hips! Tight hips, hamstrings or lower back could be a sign of an over-active PF. How to know try release an over-active PF? Get stretchy birds - pop out a happy baby, a figure of 4 stretch or a casual lunge to start opening up dem tight hips!

6. Baggy fanny syndrome? OK I borrowed that funny visual from a fellow Fit Bird, you know who you are. But seriously - prolapse, incontinence or a feeling of your fanny bearing down can all be helped with a little strengthening love of your PF & surrounding muscles. Do this: Glute Bridge using a ball or a block in between inner thighs, Bird Dog, Toe Taps, Table Top Hovers - it is key to strengthen your glutes (peaches) your TVA (deep core) and adductor muscles (inner thighs)

7. Did you know what we call our vagina is actually called our Vulva? I know right, time to un-train our vagina minds!

8. The duty of your PF is to support your pelvic organs, this includes your urinary bladder, your bowel bladder and for birds, our beloved uterus. Yup, that means the quality of your PF will have a lot to answer for in terms of health bowel movements and incontinence.

9. Spend QT with you PF! Eye ball roll time? Seriously tho, you spent time working on dat twerking and on your washboard - so give your PF the QT it deserves - be present with those 'lift and releases'

10. Keen on more juice on your juicy bits? Follow these Insta accounts for all the bonus support - @thebloommethod @michellelyons @burrelleducation @menohealthuk

With love from your fanny friends x


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