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High on The Atlas Mountains

Did Morocco even happen though? Surely it was all but a dream? For the 23 birds who flew to our North African retreat home, this is what we've been asking ourselves.

There was something beyond magical about this retreat, I'm putting a lot of it down to the Atlas Mountains. We were wrapped, enveloped & lifted by their beauty & power. Bought to tears at any moment, caught unaware, by the vastness.

Our home, Kasbah Bab Ourika was no less than perfection. Architecture at its finest. The Atlas Mountains forever present from within, the colours of Morocco represented within the interiors. Each room, corner & vista invoked feelings of grounding. A connection with the natural surroundings.

The hospitality from our hosts at the Kasbah was flawless, never missing a beat from our meals to our constantly evolving Shala's & workshop areas. The spa treatments left us looking 20 years younger & feeling high as a kite.

To the women who travelled with us, what an incredible force you all are. The community vibe never felt more powerful. The way you instantly support, laugh, cry & hold one another is women at their finest.

On a personal level, it is from your openness birds, you share your experience, wisdom & vulnerability which has enabled me to begin making changes within my own life.

Never underestimate the ability of bringing women together. Removing all the external distractions & responsibilities. The worthiness of this opportunity is endless.

I believe every women is entitled to experience this; a for real-deal to sort our shit out, to release the shit. To feel the support of women who are going through similar shit lifting you up - to get the shit sorted/sorting.

Shout out to our friend Cat Arwell, this woman has such wisdom to share, has a beautiful soul, is fucken funny & is a legit photographer. What a woman. We are beyond grateful for Cat documenting part of our retreat, to be able to share some of our magic with you is such a privilege.

We are delighted to be welcoming you back to Morocco next year birds, July 3-7th 2024.

We would love to share this joyful, powerful retreat with you. This retreat sold out before it was even released last year, so if you want first in (before official details are released) get your name on our flock now.

Remember birds, life is to be experienced together. We are here to enrich each other on our very short existence.

With a forever love to the Atlas Mountains, the beautiful Moroccan culture & its people.

Shani x


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