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Get to know your birds: Hannah Michael

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Get to know of our newest birds to our flock, Hannah Michael.

Where did you grow up? I grew up in a very small town called Limassol in Cyprus. Safest place ever for childhood, mixed with lots of differing nationalities

What Spice Girl were in school? Cutie spice, my sister and her friends did a mini concert at our house to raise money for charity and I was the honorary cutie spice. Sang hot cross buns! Any siblings? 2, a sister & brother I’m the baby

What do you love most about being in the fitness & wellness industry? I love taking in the health benefits and endorphins with those I work with. Just to know we’re all there to better ourselves or enhance our life in some way

Why did you choose the fitness industry? It allowed me to elevate my mind body and soul. Being a dancer it came hand in hand but I really feel even stronger for having it in my life as well as dance

What's your fave way to move the body? Pilates! Everyday! And dance!

Your healthy go-to snack? I love energy balls or salt popcorn

Fave exercises? Any openings of the chest, rolls though the spine, side stretched and neck rolls

What will we never see you do? Maybe Zumba!

Latest Netflix craze? Rupauls Drag Race but that’s been since day one!

New hobby? Practicing rollerblading

Fave place you've travelled to? Brazil. Something about that whole trip was magic Motto to live by: It’s a Marathon not a sprint

Any mphobias? Cockroaches

Last supper? Creamy vegan mushroom pasta dish with truffle

Catch Hannah spreading her magic with the birds on Wednesday's 7am Pilates in Mayow Park & Friday's 9.30am Core in Mountsfield Park.


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