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Breathe like a baby

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Is your core strong? Are you connected to your pelvic floor muscles? Can you breathe with ease into your diaphragm? Do you carry tension in your hips, neck or shoulders? If any of these questions trigger you, we think you should dive deeper with us. The following is practical knowledge to embody birds. Start now. What we are here to softly drill into you is already build within you. We are bringing it to the surface. This can be intertwined within your day-to-day, so you do not need to add anything more onto your already existing full day. We will be asking you to practice while drinking your coffee, while on the toilet, while you are breastfeeding, sitting at your desk or walking. Anytime anywhere. How to keep flying from day to day? Our top tips: 1. Share your experiences, tools & practices with everyone. 2. Make a log. Physical sensations, the challenges & shifts. 3. Practice, practice, practice. We ask you to simply breathe. Without correct breath birds, activating your deep core & pelvic floor will be lost.

Diaphragmatic Breathing, aka belly breathing is how we are designed to breathe. But from stress & social pressures most of us are walking around breathing in a way which sends of body into a state of distress. DB allows your pelvic floor musculature to naturally length & shorten with breath as it should. DB stimulates your vagus nerve which brings us into our parasympathetic nervous system, your healing place. DB is a tool within you, it's free & the benefits will nurture you mentally, emotionally & physically. Diaphragmatic Breathing A 360 breath into your whole torso.

INHALE belly, ribs & back body swell & fill with air.

EXHALE belly naturally & softly hollows & emptying of all breath.

So with that said, inhale & sigh it all out. Inhale, exhale release your jaw & drop your shoulders. Now do that again. Sit, stand or lay comfortably. shake it out.

1. Place one hand on your heart & one hand on your belly.

2. Breathe in & breathe out. Keep breathing & notice where you can feel movement behind your hands? Is your belly rising with your inhale? Can you feel any movement on your side or back ribs? Can you feel movement in your chest or shoulders? How does your jaw feel?

3. Now, place your hands onto your belly & lower ribcage, your middle fingers pointing towards your belly button.

4. EXHALE & let go of your breath.

5. What did you notice? Any movement within your belly?

Hopefully this sneaky trick of exhaling first sent you straight into diaphragmatic breathing.

Is this challenging for you? This week we ask you to practice, practice, practice. Any questions, reach out. We are for you birds.

Home on a Monday evening. Join us for Reform online - 7pm tonight for all the correct breathing cues. Love us x


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