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Fit Birds had their first birthday! Thank you to all that came, it was lovely to see everyone out of their lycras and chat on subjects more than dropping your squats lower! Whirled Cinema were fantastic hosts, the Firezza pizza was delicious and That Sugar Film was educational & entertaining. For those who missed the party and are intrigued in that S U G A R craze, here are some straight up facts on the subject: + sugar makes you feel like SHIT in the morning + sugar gives you BELLY FAT

+ make your food from scratch to avoid hidden sugars + don't feed your babies Mountain Dew - like duh! + CARBS are SUGAR + fizzy drinks and flavoured water can contain atleast 10 TEASPOONS of sugar So there you have it, make the cuts to your daily sugar intake now to reap the rewards! Just one month ago I was adding 1tsp of sugar into my coffee, gradually I made that 1tsp smaller until omitting it entirely. My coffee taste just as awesome, if not better. Thanks again to all my amazing PT clients and dedicated bootcampers. I love you all! Kepp dropping those bootys low. ​Shani x

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