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I'm a bird but not a mama! Do I have to be a mama bird to join your flock?
NO! We welcome ALL birds to our flock. Fitbirds is a community for all women.


What classes can I bring my baby/kids to?

We welcome your baby/kids to any & all classes. We are here to make fitness inclusive for all women.

I'm pregnant, which classes do you recommend?

Our Bumpin' class is designed especially for you, but but we invite you to join any of our classes. Share your pregnancy journey with our trainers so they can best support you throughout your trimesters. Please note: Box & Badass are advanced classes.

What happens if it rains?

We go ahead in all rainy conditions in Crystal Palace Park as we gratefully have our sheltered 'bridge'. Mayow Park however lacks shelter. We will make a decision to 60mins prior to class start if we cancel. If you are booked you will receive email notification.

I'm so unfit & so scared to join!
Your feelings are valid, but there is no time like the present. Dust off your trainers, grab your mat & get to class! All our classes can be modified to support your fitness level.

I've just had a baby, when can I join & what classes do you suggest?
Congrats! We cannot wait to support you in the most precious time your life. We welcome you when YOU feel ready. Our Rehab class is designed for you as soon as you need a little TLC in your physical/mental body. Rehab is a perfect re-entrance level class. Rehab will offer you nourishing & connected breath work bring you into awareness with your pelvic floor & deep core.  Rehab will also offers more of a physical challenge to those who are ready. The point is, you know your body best. Always chat to the trainer before class to share anything you you need to.

Cancellation Policy & Covid-19:
In the unfortunate circumstance we have to cancel the retreat due to Covid-19 any payments will be transferrable for rescheduled retreats & any deposits will be refunded.
In the event you are unable to attend the retreat we suggest you try to pass your space on, we will also do our best to fill your space. If your space is filled we will give you a full refund. However if we are unable to fill your space we will refund any payments although the deposit will be non-refundable

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