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Sunday 12th May, Bearsted Green, Kent

Self Care Sunday's are events to nurture your female health, wellness & invoke community.

Fitbirds collaborate with experts from the
wellness industry for events which educate, energise & empower you.

Adore Your Core is our launch event to bring our Bearsted community together.

At the root of Fitbirds teachings and trainings is our Core Method. We developed this training method to ensure all women, inclusive of pre and postnatal women are able to rehabilitate and reconnect with their strongest and most aligned core yet.

We understand the power of correct breathing, the incredible unison of our breath, pelvic floor and whole core. Together we will teach you how to build a core which will support your posture, reduce pain in the body and calm your mind.


What to Expect

9am arrive, roll out your mat, get comfy

9.15am grounding guided meditation using breath work and pelvic floor awareness

9.30am Intro to Fitbirds, who, what and why


10am Fitbirds signature Core class

10.45-11.30am yin yoga

11.30am goodbyes

What to Bring

yoga mat and water


Bearsted Green


"It's not good enough that we only become aware of our pelvic floor until it's (almost) too late. It's not good enough that women aren't aware of post pregnancy core based injuries until it's (almost) too late. As women we are physical beings, physical beings who should feel strong, empowered and confident in our bodies ability to move and support ourself along our journey through life. I am on a mission to ensure women feel physically strong and mentally and emotionally connected to their self and their community".

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Cost: £20 or free on 7 Day Intro pass

What the birds say about our Self Care Sundays...

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed today, you impart such a positive vibe to everyone.

Doing exercise to the music under the sun & swaying trees felt amazing. I feel stronger & I want to be kinder to myself just from today. Thank you x"

"Fly Mamas is such a special event. A safe space to connect with other mamas, I feel inspired by the expert wellness panel & physically & mentally empowered!"

"It was such a wonderful day, a real treat to myself & so special to share with my baby. I could not be happier to have discovered the beautiful Fitbirds family"


Together we learn, together we move, together we connect.

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