1. Can I come on my own? 

Yes! It is not uncommon for people to come on retreats on their own. If your preference is a twin share, we will pair you up with a fellow retreat guest. In our experience very special and unique connections are made on retreat so you needn't worry!

2. Is there alcohol?

Yes! We are all about with balance birds! You are out welcome to enjoy wine or beer with your meals, Cami also provides the most amazing low and non alcoholic cocktails with our dinner.

3. Is it vegetarian? 

The retreat food is all home cooked, a lot of which comes from their own land! The food is predominantly vegetarian, though it may include some fish dishes. We can accommodate vegan/vegetarian or other dietary requirements, please let us know upon booking any allergies or dietary requirements.

4. Do I need YOGA experience?

Yoga (fitness levels or surfing experience for that matter) experience is not necessary. We will ensure all classes are achievable & challenging enough for everyone with us. Turning up to be on the mat is often the hardest part of yoga!

5. Do I need to participate in everything?

You can choose to be as active or as restful as you like!

6. Is there WIFI?
Yes there is wifi, we are rural Portugal though so connections can be slow. An even better excuse to switch off!

6. Getting There?
We will provide you with details on how you can arrive at the venue, options available from public transport, taxi and mini-buses. You are also welcome to hire a car to maximise your flexibility.