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Self Care Sunday's are events to nurture your female health, wellness & invoke community.

Fitbirds collaborate with experts from the wellness industry for events which educate, energise & empower you.


Our event Hormone Health: Perimenopause is in collaboration with Dr Mayoni from Human Health.


This event is here to offer you support & knowledge on this next powerful phase of your life.

Dr Mayoni is a force, with a background as a surgeon, aesthetics practitioner and now functional medicine doctor. Dr Mayoni is here to support, help and heal women in a 360 degree transformative way.

What to Expect:

10.15am arrive, roll out your mat, get comfy.

10.30am welcome circles

10.45am movement - strength training to support your hormones

11.30am perimenopause with Dr Mayoni


1.30pm q&a with healthy treats

2pm yoga & guided meditation 

2.30pm goodbyes

What to Bring:

yoga mat, water, notebook & pen.


Dr Mayoni Gooneratne - "Is brain fog, sleeplessness and anxiety getting the better of you? Have you been told that there is nothing wrong with you and offered anti depressants instead? And what is that weight loss resistance all about, even when you are caning the Fitbirds classes??? Do you think you are struggling with your peri menopause? Come find out with me, Dr Mayoni, a former pelvic floor and colorectal surgeon and the founder of SkinFit and Human Health. I will help you become more body literate, have a better mindset and all within the supportive community of Fitbirds".

Shani Yeend - "It's not good enough that we, as women are clueless & being put on anti-depressants when we entre the next phase of our life. For me, supporting women so they put their physical & mental health first is paramount - throughout all phases of their life. It is our duty to keep ourselves physically fit, strong & harness ourselves with the knowledge to care for ourself throughout our physical changes".

Cost: £50
10% discount for Members Club birds

What the birds say about our Self Care Sundays...

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed today, you impart such a positive vibe to everyone.

Doing exercise to the music under the sun & swaying trees felt amazing. I feel stronger & I want to be kinder to myself just from today. Thank you x"

"Fly Mamas is such a special event. A safe space to connect with other mamas, I feel inspired by the expert wellness panel & physically & mentally empowered!"

"It was such a wonderful day, a real treat to myself & so special to share with my baby. I could not be happier to have discovered the beautiful Fitbirds family"

Together we learn, together we move, together we connect.

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