The band that BURNS

Band Camp is the new & improved bootcamp where you will feel the burn! Together we will HIIT it hard with the resistance bands making you sweat baby sweat.


Band Camp is a full body workout that will leave you strong, sweaty, energised & feeling the burn!

BYO mat & water

All levels welcome
Bubs welcome - training is postnatal safe, ensure you have GP 8wk clearance to exercise

Bub not essential, nor is being a mum!​

Location: Crystal Palace Park & Mayow Park

"Shani is a brilliant PT! She's full of energy, she mixes things up and she gets you great results. Fitbirds' classes are lots of fun, you get a great workout with other friendly mums and the super Instructors are always on hand to cuddle any grizzly babes! Highly recommended."


Debbie L